Why should I hire a wedding planner when I can plan my own wedding?

As a wedding and event planner, I get this question a lot...A LOT!!! I've actually come to expect it during most consultations and you want to know what my first answer is? Because it's what I do! Let me explain what I mean...

  • "Time is Money!" - Organized wedding planning takes time. In fact, most weddings take between 200-300 hours to plan. Between researching vendors and matching color swatches, to creating floor plans and guest seating charts, planning a wedding can become a full time job. And in my experience, most of my brides already have one. By making a clear execution plan, along with your vision for your day, Professional wedding planners know how to take those 200 hours and spend them wisely to make your wedding experience is one that is enjoyable and memorable.

  • 20/20 Bridal Vision - Wedding planners help to translate your vision. Not to just you, but to all of the other vendors that will be involved in your wedding. Most weddings have about 20 vendors and certain terms mean different things to different people. Certain colors look and feel different to people. I sit with my couples and create vision boards for their weddings so the vision doesn't get lost in translation.

  • Your personal wedding Google - Wedding planners are living breathing wedding planning search engines. Ask any wedding planner you know about how much time in the day they spend thinking about weddings. I guarantee most of them will say over 60%. It is our job to stay on top of all things wedding like current bridal fashion trends, the hottest new appetizer, and changes in wedding etiquette. Hiring a planner means having an all access pass to this knowledge without having to do the legwork.

  • "Ra Ra, Sis Boom Bah" - Wedding planners are the best cheerleaders during your planning period. We LOVE weddings (at least I do) and we don't mind hearing about the tiny little details of your wedding all the time. It's technically what we're paid to do. It also allows you to relieve your family of the burden of listening to you about every single detail. Remember, just because it's the most important thing happening in your life, it's not the most important thing happening to them.

  • AND finally, the most important reason...WE SAVE YOU MONEY!!! - Wedding planners usually have the innate ability to find you the best deal. We've worked with a lot of vendors, and usually will have a running list of preferred vendors. Those preferred vendors have been chosen for a reason and most likely it's because they provide the best services for the best prices. Experienced planners also know how to assist you with creating a realistic budget for your vision and will help you to stay within that budget, or help to find the perfect alternative.

So there you have it in a nutshell. I could go on with many other reasons but I won’t. Planners wear multiple hats and play multiple roles for you throughout the planning process. If you decide to hire a planner for your wedding and allow them to “do what we do,” you won’t be disappointed. My best advice to you is to find the wedding planner that speaks to your personality; one that will be dedicated to making your wedding dreams come true.

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